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The 200 Club of Morris County

Club Beginnings

The 200 Club of Morris County was formed in 1971 by a group of concerned business and political leaders. This was a direct outgrowth of involvement with the Essex County Club, which was the first 200 Club in New Jersey. That Club began in 1967.

In 1971, the Club was started by 19 individuals before growing to 40 by the end of the year. Each member pays $200 in annual dues, thus, the 200 designation. Over the years, the Club has grown significantly and now has over 1100 members. However, the success and longevity of this Club are directly attributed to the efforts of the Charter Members listed below.

Charter Members

Sam Ahto, Esq.
Dominick Allocca
Richard Allocca
Richard Bongo
Bernard Brennan
Anthony Cattano
James Ellam
Alan B. Fehn
Henry C. Lam
James S. Lassiter
H. H. Martin

Thomas Maude
Arthur McGreevy
Don Ross
Frank Scerbo
William J. Snipes
George Squires
Robert Tardio
Norman Tomlinson, Jr.

Public Trustee:
Chief Richard C. Smith

As always, the dedication, commitment, and mission of The 200 Club remains intact and through growing member support this Club will continue this tradition well into the future.

History of the First 200 Club

The concept of the first 200 Club developed in 1952 in response to the fatal shooting of Arthur Meyers, a Detroit, Michigan police officer. Following the shooting, a local businessman, William Packer, asked his friends to donate to a fund in memory of the fallen officer.

Packer and the Detroit Police Commissioner then met with the expectant widow, reviewed her finances, and arranged to pay off the mortgage on the home, setup an education account for the yet unborn child, and deposited $7000 in the widow's checking account.

Since 1952, 118 Two Hundred Clubs have been established in 28 states with additional clubs in Puerto Rico and Central America. There are currently 18 Two Hundred Clubs in New Jersey.

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The 200 Club of Morris County
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